Enabling Frictionless Onboarding with Video KYC

Onboard seamlessly with our award winning, AI powered Video KYC solution. Karza Technologies encrypted audio-visual interaction warrants legitimate information dissemination, accurate identification, and offers complete privacy. The solution is fortified to comply with RBI's KYC guidelines and meets the strictest data-security requirements.

5 Mn+Customers onboarded through Video KYC
2 Mn+Cost Savings
28 +Banks Using VKYC
VKYC Powered with Award-Winning Cognitive Solutions
We understand India-specific needs, which we cater to using mined relevant training datasets and state-of-the-art deep learning techniques. We keep in mind the possibility of lower resolution, Indian faces, worn-out documents, shadowed/blurred or skewed images, etc. to match or even surpass human cognitive skills. We have so far been able to offer solutions at the scale and variety suited to the Indian population.
Name Match
We employ features like space index predictor for name strings, gender classifier, name and surname score based on our proprietary models and algorithms
Address match
Our solution compartmentalizes the address in different buckets and compares the consolidated addresses with efficient fuzzy retrieval from locality databases
Face Match
The algorithm is powered with augmentation techniques to handle rotated faces and Face Attribute models. We verify liveness with 100% accuracy

Complete frictionless video KYC in under 3 minutes for your customers!

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