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A comprehensive evaluation of the financial situation of the company is included along with an analysis of the financial statements. Detailing key personnel, a business summary, etc, provides a fuller view of the organisation's composition, structure, and entrails, providing insight into future growth. To calculate the tax liability of the institution, tax details like tax paid, outstanding taxes are provided. Thus, it provides an overall assessment of taxpayer footprints and helps determine tax liability

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Intuitive K:ITR Report

The Reports based on ITR Filings support ITR's 1-6. The ITR Report comprises details of the latest three Assessment Years and provides a Business Overview, Financial Analysis of Trends and Ratios and other quantitative and qualitative data. In the case of Salaried Individuals filing ITR-1/ ITR-2, the ITR Report includes Income and Employment Trends, Directorship Details, Shareholding Patterns and other Financial and Tax Details

ITR Business Detailed ReportCan opt for Business Detailed report which provides the detailed Profit and loss statement and balance sheet instead of a summary in ITR Business report. A chart is formed based on taxes paid, taxes payable and refunds. Form 26AS is presented for the latest 3 years
Easy verificationVerify the financial antecedents of entities not registered on the GST network and verify the financial health of any entity with clear segregation of data into easy-to-understand buckets
Tax FootprintDetermine the tax footprints of salaried individuals by delineating data into comprehensive, accessible buckets, for example, contact information, summary, financial information, employment data, tax details, etc

K: ITR Solution Overview

Comparative Analysis

Summarizes performance metrics on a yearly basis. Comparable representation of the company's growth over the last three years based on performance indicators such as revenue, profit after tax, cash and cash equivalents, total assets, and total liabilities with growth rates expressed in percentages

Employment Details

In ITR Salaried report, employment details of the past 3 financial years are displayed along with the amount credited as salary

Financial Statement Analysis

A detailed financial analysis is to be carried out with the aid of financial ratios, which are commonly employed to assess the profitability and solvency of the firm. Examples of such ratios are receivables turnover ratios, payables turnover rates, days of sales outstanding, etc. Forecast the future growth and profitability of the company by leveraging various financial trends

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In ITR Salaried report, income from various sources such as income from salary, income from house property, income from capital gains and income from other sources are displayed for the last 3 financial years

Income concentration

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Organizational structure

The report gives an in-depth look at the composition and the organisational structure of the firm with details about the individuals in the top echelons tasked with making critical decisions. Details of the top shareholders, who are considered the rightful owners of the company and have a significant impact on its operations and decisions

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