Improving Contactability and Prioritizing Collection Efforts

Is it harder to acquire a customer or to get to know an acquired customer deeply and to leverage those insights to serve and satisfy the unmet needs of the customer by offering existing solutions and products to them, thus maximizing revenue?

85%Additional Address identified
60%Additional Contact identified
33%Traceability Success Rate

How KLookup Works

Demography Shared

Customer’s existing non-sensitive demographic details are shared through an API or excel upload through a secured folder

Layers of Data Processing

KLookup “initiates” a graph technology powered recursive search through public and Karza proprietary records to enrich incremental data points that enable a boost for contactability.


Karza invoices you a minimum processing fee or success fee “for” the identified incremental information

Incremental information

The incremental information which is not the same as the demographic information shared by you is shared back through the API or secured folder.

Achieve 40% Traceability Success Rate with KLookup

Know How
Karza Technologies is acquired by Perfios Software Solutions