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Enabling India with Digital Onboarding

TotalKYC is India’s largest AI powered digital onboarding and risk mitigating API suite. The platform allows exclusive access to 100+ APIs and is developed completely in-house. It enables automation during onboarding through OCR and matching algorithms, document verifications across individual and business identity, address, income and more.

800 mn+Lifetime API calls
2500 Cr+Monthly Frauds Averted

TotalKYC Solution Overview

Completely Proprietary

All the APIs in our sandbox are completely built in-house by industry’s highest skilled engineers. This uniquely allows us to have an unparalleled understanding of the problems you seek to solve and exercise our agility to service every request while ensuring lowest latency

Ease of Integration

We have been integrated with over 300+ clients, 70+ platforms, our APIs and SDKs are known for their swift implementation and faster go-live

Unique offerings

Constant feedback from our clients keeps us on our toes. This also enables us to create solutions for problems that plague the larger industry and have clear differentiators.

Cost Effective

Did you know Karza’s first team included a group of Chartered Accountants? This enabled us to understand the importance of maintaining rational cost of credit, cost of operations and cost per customer whilst ensuring we automate critical tasks and mitigate risk. Like our founders say, ‘Always, Customer First’.

Constant Innovation

Our hunger is only matched by our ingenuity. As a rule of thumb, we introduce 4 new services every month. We are the first and only call you make when you need automation.

One Stop Shop

Our solution suite has 100+ scalable microservices that work across every use-case, industry and entity type you deal with. Your hunt for the most comprehensive microservice provider ends here!

Use Cases

  • PAN Verification
  • Aadhaar OKYC Verification
  • KYC Verification
  • Utility Verification
  • Aadhaar Masking
  • Employment Verification
  • Vahan RC Verification
  • Face Liveness and Matching
  • RCU Automation
  • Bank Account Verification
  • Indianized Name and Address Matching
  • Telecom Data Fetch
  • Merchant Verification
  • Business KYC Verification
  • MSME Udyam Intelligence

Extended TotalKYC Solution Suite


Comprehensive skip-tracing solution that improves contactibility to ensure maximum recovery from loan defaulters

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Leverage our Graph Technology & AI powered Risk Scoring Platform for Retail Onboarding

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RBI and SEBI Compliant VideoKYC solution built for simple, automated onboarding journeys!

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Reduce Onboarding times by up to 70%

Know How
Karza Technologies is acquired by Perfios Software Solutions