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A Never Seen Before Business Intelligence Platform

Tired of just 'company' level financials and litigation checks? Built over 3 years by a 100 member team, KScan offers insights across Sole Proprietors, Firms, HUFs, Companies and more. This award winning solution automates lead generation, financial diligence, advanced defaulter screening, related party analysis and transaction/portfolio monitoring.

2.7 cr+Businesses Profiled
4 k+ Data Attributes
200+Regulator Screening

Monitor Risk Proactively with our EWS Suite

Enabling efficient and effective tracking of Early Warning Signals for your portfolio companies, including litigation and negative news. Our EWS mechanism expands on the KScan platform which allows for continuous monitoring of an entity's health. It automatically triggers alerts on a real time basis, providing information on any negatives surrounding the companies that are being monitored.

Largest CoverageIntegrated with 750+ Government sources to compile scattered data and provide unified credible intelligence
Highest Update FrequencyPowered with frequent updates, our solution enables clients to identify useful intelligence and insights from relevant data
Immediate Warning TriggersOur advanced AI models cover over 70% of external EWS triggers across RBI & DFS. Providing timely alerts at frequencies to ingest data into the bank’s EWS solution

KScan Solution Overview

Business and management profiling

Gain immersive insights into business demographics, vintage, presence and detailed management profile for all sole proprietors, firms, companies and more - updated monthly and real-time!

Comprehensive related party Network

No more diversion of funds! Leverage pre-profiled 450cr linkages between 2.7+cr businesses and individuals using our award winning proprietary graph technology.

Financial analysis

Access micro financial insights, pre-computed ratios, shell entity alert, ultimate beneficiary analysis through MCA, GST, ITR and Banking solutions for instant sanction and decisioning

Litigation and Defaults

Screen and receive daily alerts across 100s of regulatory actions, sanctions, statutory payment defaults, rating alerts, filing alerts, AML sanctions, offshore leaks and negative news searches for the target and all related parties

Ease of Use

Use our web application like a simple search engine or integrate customizable APIs for integrations with BREs and underwriting engines through APIs.

Use Cases

  • Diligence and Investigation
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Negative Scans
  • Legal Diligence
  • Corporate Governance
  • Portfolio Monitoring
  • Scrubs
  • Company / Employer Categorization
  • Customer Profile Enrichment
  • Go To Market Strategy
  • Underwriting
  • Vendor/ Supplier Checks

Karza Technologies Exclusive

Generate Unprecedented insights through GST & ITR Filings

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