Exclusive for Legal Fraternity: All Things Unique About Our Litigation BI Solution

Karza Technologies' advanced litigation screening tool generates high-quality Litigation reports for Litigation diligence on businesses and individuals with data stitched across 3500+ courts and tribunals in India. This tool is already being used by India's pre-eminent Law Firms, Insurance Companies, and Banks for various use cases, including Litigation Diligence.

Published on 1 JULY 2022 | 4 mins read

Our award-winning name matching algorithms infused in the tool identifies and provides the highest number of cases while maintaining a high degree of accuracy in our solutions with industry-leading turnaround times.

Why do entities need litigation automation?

India, on account of its size and population, has a fairly complex judicial system. There are ~3500+ courts in India, including District Courts, High Courts, the Supreme Court as well as various Tribunals, Judicial and Quasi Judicial bodies. 

Many of these courts maintain their records separately across portals, and lack unique identifiers and efficient methods of searching for cases. This makes finding and tracking all cases filed by or against a person or an entity incredibly challenging and time-consuming. Even if the platform is manually accessed, spelling issues may result in cases being missed out.

Karza aims to solve this problem by aggregating data from all courts into a single database, assigning unique identifiers to every case record, and enabling simple search mechanisms on top of the data, allowing Litigation Diligence to be run accurately, effectively, and in a cost-efficient manner. Here are some of the features, that the legal fraternity must absolutely know to streamline due diligence processes, save monumental efforts and time and make it easier and seamless

Comprehensive Reports

Litigation BI crawls the wide world of the web and extracts cases from various courts including District Courts, Tribunals such as National Company Law Tribunals, National Company Law Appellate Tribunal, Competition Commission of India, etc. High Courts, Supreme Court, Consumer Court, and Real Estate Regulatory Authority encompass the full spectrum of the Indian Judicial system. It provides a comprehensive overview of all litigation filed by or against an organization. 

In order to give you a sense of the magnitude of such data, a multinational company has over lakhs of cases pertaining to it. Consider the chagrin of the employee who is entrusted with resolving litigation matters on behalf of this entity He would have to access every single website of the courts, separated into districts, states, or types of courts, innumerable times to retrieve these cases and see the details of each case. A huge conglomerate is unlikely to have a cohesive perspective on all litigation cases either as a petitioner or respondent. 

With Litigation BI, a seamless, easy-to-use dashboard provides you with complete, real-time information about all cases and all aspects of the organization. A person merely has to type in the organization's name, and you will be presented with its entire litigation history in a simple, legible manner, comprehensible to anyone with a basic grasp of English, not just lawyers and legal staff. 

Intricately Filtered Data

In Litigation BI, you get properly bifurcated, segmented and analyzed data for easy, incisive comprehension, along with the unique capability to comb and sift through the humongous data and filter it according to your needs and requirements, providing you with unparalleled insights. 

The report shows an accurate breakdown of pending cases and disposed cases in the organization's long history with year-by-year breakdowns. With the unambiguous bifurcation of cases into pending cases and disposed cases, a lawyer or legal professional can focus on the cases of interest. In addition, a clear division of the civil and criminal cases is also provided in the report 

Case Categorization

Cases in our database are broken down into three severity levels: High Risk, Medium Risk, and High Relevance. This categorization is derived from our set of guidelines which intelligently divides the data based on its nature.

As well as using general rules, we also rely on data related to the ‘Act’ and ‘Section’ under which a case is filed and have carefully reviewed the applicable laws to determine whether a particular section poses any risk or not.

In addition, it provides a breakdown of cases by the court, such as those belonging to District Courts, Tribunals, High Courts, Supreme Court, Consumer Court, Real Estate Regulatory Authority Court, etc.

The lawsuit details are then outlined by various columns providing specific information such as case type, petitioner, respondent, district, state, date of filing, stage, etc.

Fuzzy Retrieval using AI-Powered Name Match

In India, the judicial system is spread across different states, regions, villages, etc. As a result, there are bound to be spelling mistakes and translation errors in local languages, including cases that are phonetically similar but written differently. 

The Fuzzy Search function allows users to search for common variations in the spelling of an entity or an individual, without needing to add various input combinations. It does this by leveraging proprietary name matching solutions to identify and account for spelling mistakes, phonetically similar words, etc., ensuring that cases do not get missed out. Identifiers such as CIN, and DIN are used to match with the associated target party and create a linkage.

In fact, Karza Technologies’ cabinet is decorated with the trophy of the Amazon AI award 2019 for Fintech, specifically for our name-matching algorithm. Such has been the impact!

Tracking Hearing Schedules

The case calendar keeps track of upcoming hearings with detailed fragmentation on upcoming hearings for the current week, the current month, and the next month. Due to the fact that lawyers deal with a lot of different cases pertaining to different organizations, they can easily track the hearings of cases pertaining to their clients.


Karza Technologies’ Litigation BI solution is integrated with 750+ digitized public sources. It covers 3500+ courts providing the most extensive litigation coverage in the industry. 60000 cases are added every day to the state-of-the-art solution ensuring there are no gaps in data coverage. Around 40 crore cases exist in our database, allowing for extensive and comprehensive Litigation checks and monitoring. Litigation BI solution is here to revolutionize litigation due diligence!



Karza Technologies is the largest data, analytics, automation, and decisioning solution provider to FIs, catering to the entire lending lifecycle from onboarding to diligence & monitoring to collections. Karza Technologies solutions enable systemic fraud prevention, risk management, compliance & automation through superior data engineering and deep tech applications.


In a nutshell, Karza stands on the trifecta of digitization: automation, enhanced diligence, and robust decisioning for straight-through processing; thus, creating a state-of-the-art digitization process without compromising on security and quality. Karza Technologies is a pioneer in the services it offers and has successfully acquired a very diverse portfolio of 300+ live clients, spanning across the largest gamut of use cases in the industry.



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